Emergency Dentists Only: Melbourne’s Crackdown Excludes Cracked Teeth

Emergency Dentists

The Covid 19 pandemic has adversely affected the health sector in myriad ways. To curb the spread of the virus, governments have since set various restrictions. These mostly apply to the provision of dental health services. In Melbourne, dental associations are facing numerous challenges. Dentists are only allowed to perform emergency dental procedures, and most clinics have since closed down.

What are the common types of dental emergencies?

If you suffer nay dental emergency, you require the help of a local Melbourne emergency dentist to avoid further complications. Some of the common dental emergencies include;

  • Toothaches

Sounds simple right? Not really! Toothaches can be unbearable and require immediate treatment. If this happens to you, don’t put medications like aspirin to the tooth. They can worsen the problem and damage your gums, leading to infections.

  • Broken/Knocked out tooth.

You should seek help immediately in case of a broken tooth. Also, apply cold press to the affected area to ease the pain and swelling. In case of a knocked tooth, clean it gently, and don’t remove any tissues attached to the tooth. Seek help immediately and carry the knocked tooth with you.

  • Broken jaw

A possible broken jaw is yet another dental emergency that you shouldn’t ignore. If you suffer from such, apply a cold compress on the jaw, and consult your dentist immediately.

  • Bitten tongue

This is common in children. If it happens, clean the lip or tongue and apply a cold compress to keep the bleeding and selling in check. If the bleeding continues, visit the dentist near you for help.

What are the common causes of tooth cracks?

Biting hard substances is a common cause of tooth cracks. In most cases, tooth cracks go unnoticed or seem insignificant. However, if ignored, the crack can deepen and result in a lot of damage. It will weaken the tooth and expose the dentine and nerve endings.

When and why do you need emergency dental treatment?

Unnatural tooth fall and cracks are more severe than you can imagine. If the treatment is left o the next day, the problem will worsen, and it may also be too late for the dentist to fix the issue. Luckily, with small businesses using digital marketing more than ever, it’s easier to locate a dentist online.

What does emergency dental treatment involve?

If you suffer from partial or full tooth breakage, the treatment will involve procedures like; stopping the blood flow and cleaning the cavity to keep infectious elements at bay. The dentist will later seal the cavity using artificial elements like gold, porcelain, and other amalgams. In case of delays in sealing the tooth, you may suffer severe nerve damage, and the infection will likely affect the neighboring nerves.

Final thoughts

Melbourne boasts of a wealth of expert dentists and dental clinics. However, the restrictions around the Covid 19 pandemic have affected the treatment of various dental problems. The regulations exclude tooth cracks, though! And this is good news for anyone seeking emergency dental service. If you suffer a cracked or broken tooth, seek help promptly to avoid further damages.