Bathroom Dental Hygiene Habits: Clean Teeth Start At Home

Many people often experience recurrent dental problems and keep going back to the dentist without acknowledging that clean teeth start at home. As much as you seek the best dental treatments, unless you practice oral hygiene, your efforts will always go unrewarded, costing you even more. Below are bathroom dental hygiene habits you should integrate into your everyday routine.

Brush twice a day

You should brush your teeth using fluoride toothpaste in the morning and before bedtime. That ensures your teeth remain free of any bacteria that your teeth could be hosting. Not only should you clean your teeth twice daily, but you should also brush them properly. The mouth consists of the teeth, tongue, and gums, which make up the oral system. Those need thorough cleaning too during the brushing.

Hold your toothbrush at a 45degrees angle, brush back and forth, up and down, and do the same with the tongue to get rid of any bacteria that causes bad breath. Repeat the same procedure without forgetting the inner of your teeth and gums. Then rinse your mouth. That leaves with a clean mouth and fresh breath.

Visit the dentist regularly

Preventive dental treatment saves plays a crucial role in maintaining your oral health and saves your future costs. Schedule a dentist appointment from time to time for a dental clean and checkup. That way, it is easy to identify teeth problems before they evolve into more severe problems.

Plus, there are dental problems that you won’t be able to solve by brushing regularly. Do your work of visiting the dentist, then leave the rest of the dental care to them.

Avoid acidic drinks and sodas

The problem with taking acidic drinks and sodas is that they are sugary, which encourages bacteria growth in the teeth. Another thing is that they contain phosphorous. Although phosphorous is an essential mineral for teeth health, too much of it is dangerous to your teeth. Excessive phosphorous can deplete the body’s calcium levels, which strengthen the teeth, leading to teeth problems such as gum bleeding and tooth decay.

However, if you have to take such acidic and sugary drinks, use a straw to sip as it prevents much of the drink from coming into contact with your teeth. But instead, you can take beverages that promote oral health and hydrate your body, such as water.

Keep your bathroom clean

Your bathroom hosts your oral hygiene tools, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. It is where you practice your dental hygiene habits. However, it can be a nasty breeding ground for bacteria and germs that can compromise your oral health if you don’t keep it clean. Ensure your bathroom is always clean and free of dampness and moisture. Most of the bathroom cabinets where many people store their toothbrushes are usually damp and moist, which encourages bacteria growth.

Scrub your bathroom regularly and keep your bathroom sink as sparkling as your teeth. Avoid keeping the toilet seat open as you flush since it increases bacteria spread into the air. Use an open container to house your toothbrush so that it always dries completely.

The bottom line

Even as you regularly visit your dentist, remember that oral hygiene begins at home. Brush regularly-twice a day, floss your teeth regularly to remove food bacteria and maintain a teeth-friendly diet. Additionally, maintain a clean and spotless bathroom to avoid the spread of bacteria that can compromise your oral health.

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