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Caroline Bishop is one of the co-founders of Dental News Australia as well as Atomic Digital Marketing.
Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease in India: Australia is Worse

Are you ready to delve into the world of oral health and discover some shocking truths? Brace yourself as we uncover the harsh reality of periodontal disease in India, where gum issues are far too common. But hold on tight…

gum health

Gum Health Revolution: Breakthroughs in Periodontal Therapy

The landscape of dental care is rapidly evolving, and periodontal treatment is at the forefront of this revolution. Recent breakthroughs in periodontal therapy are transforming how dental professionals approach gum health, providing more effective, less invasive options for patients. This…

dental fillings

The Science and Stories of Dental Fillings

Dental health is a critical aspect of overall well-being, and among the many procedures that help maintain it, dental fillings stand out as a common and essential treatment. Dental fillings not only repair decayed teeth but also restore their function…

dental mentorship

Dental Mentorships: Advancing Dentistry’s Future

In the realm of dentistry, the journey from graduation to seasoned professional is marked by a plethora of challenges, discoveries, and learning curves. New dentists, fresh out of dental school, often find themselves standing at the threshold of a vast…

indestructible teeth

Teeth Or Stones: Which Are Harder?

When it comes to durability, teeth and stones are often compared for their resilience and toughness. After all, both are essential elements of nature that withstand considerable wear and tear. Yet, in the realm of strength and endurance, which truly…

Tongue Health

Tongue Health: Do Good & Bad Bacteria Taste Differently?

Not just because of its central location but due to its crucial role in the realm of taste and oral health, the tongue is a remarkable organ that not only helps us savor the flavors of our favorite foods but…

dental professionals

The World of Dental Professionals

Welcome to the fascinating world of dental professionals! From dentists to hygienists, this dynamic field plays a crucial role in maintaining our oral health and ensuring those pearly whites stay strong and beautiful. Whether you’re curious about the different types…