Chinese Dentists in Australia: A Reputation For Excellence

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Despite the fact that China is being unfairly attacked by western nations on both sides of the Atlantic and by Australia via their governments and the media it remains a beacon of eastern power. The world is clearly in a transitional phase and many of the old powers will be dragged kicking and screaming to the new world order. Colonial masters of yesteryear, like Britain and the United States, detest the fact that they are slipping in influence and wealth. They are grinding their teeth in frustration at their turning wheel of fortune. Chinese dentists in Australia: A reputation for excellence in a rapidly changing world.

Asian and Australian Dentists Forming a Multicultural Team

Indeed, Chinese dentists in Australia pride themselves on doing a good job in the face of finger pointing and blame by misguided white Australians. Prime Minister Morrison and the blustering Trump, overmaster of conservatives and old white guys in the west, are both united in their desire to apportion blame for the coronavirus pandemic on China. This way they can avoid taking responsibility for the misery, deaths and poverty on their doorstep in 2020. Asian and Australian dentists forming a multicultural team continue to work together professionally in stark contrast to the prattling blame game all around them. Chinese dentists in Australia: A reputation for excellence amid the unfair treatment of China on the world stage.

China Blamed For Just About Everything Wrong in the World

Only a sight-challenged person could not see how the anti-Chinese sentiment has been ramped up in Australia and around the world by paranoid social conservatives. Mike Pompeo, Trump’s bull mastiff attack dog on the world stage is doing his best to sow disharmony and stir up anti-Chinese feeling. The Huawei 5G backflip by the UK, the Hong Kong riots, and the COVID-19 conspiracy theories directed against China are all part of a plan to start a war in the not too distant future. China is made the bad guy, so that the western failing powers can fall upon our great nation and tear us apart.

Marketing via Chinese social media in Australia reaches an audience put under pressure by white Australians in this year of living dangerously. Tik Tok has taken to full page ads in the Australian newspapers to fight a push to ban the Chinese owned social media platform. It asks not to be treated like a political football in the war against China being raged in Australia. Trump wants a Tik Tok ban of course. Dentists need to stand up for world peace if the coming war on China is to be averted in time.