Emergency Dentistry is an Essential Service During the Lockdown

The global pandemic which the world is currently experiencing must be taken seriously. So is dental health care. The pandemic has forced many dental clinics to shut their doors, meaning all non-essential and elective dental treatments have been put on hold until further notice.  The government has listed oral health treatment as an essential service, making many dental clinics to provide urgent treatment to patients who need urgent care.
Urgent care includes:
• Severe pain
• Fractured teeth
• Dental infections or soft tissue infection
• Post-extraction bleeding
• Facial swelling
Why is emergency dentistry essential during the lockdown?
If you experience any of the above emergencies, you should not hesitate to contact your dentist. If you are around Melbourne, you can contact this emergency dentist in Melbourne, Australia to help you out.
Accidents and injuries that affect the mouth can lead to permanent tooth loss. This can affect your appearance and even your self-esteem, that’s why you should seek help as soon as possible. From root damage to a tooth that falls out, immediate treatment can prevent long-term issues. Emergency dentistry can correct these issues by providing the correct treatment for your specific situation, and that’s why despite the lockdown, emergency dentistry services can still be accessed.
Emergency dentistry services are available round the clock, so you don’t have to suffer a toothache the whole night. However, you can avoid seeking emergency dental services during the lockdown by maintaining proper oral hygiene.
How to protect your teeth during the lockdown
While you can access emergency dentistry services during the lockdown because some businesses are bouncing back already, including some dental clinics, it is essential to prevent an urgent oral health problem from happening in the first place. This will allow the emergency dentists to help people with extremely severe cases. That’s why it is essential to protect your teeth during the lockdown by taking certain measures. These measures include:
1. Wear a mouthguard
Although many recreational facilities, such as gyms and playgrounds are currently closed, many people who have yards or other places are still exercising outdoors. And it is undoubtedly quite fun. However, many people tend to ignore the injuries that may happen. For instance, if a ball hits the face, it can knock out the tooth.
That’s why it’s advisable to wear a mouthguard as it protects the teeth from becoming cracked or chipped. It also helps the teeth from becoming displaced and prevents soft tissue injuries.
2. Chew carefully
People should chew carefully and avoid hard foods that may cause teeth to crack. Such foods include hard candy and popcorns. If the tooth cracks, bacteria can easily enter the split, leading to an infection.
3. Regularly take vitamins
This may sound surprising, but taking the right vitamins can help your mouth to protect itself. Certain vitamins are more beneficial for one’s oral health. For instance, vitamin A and B can help the gums to stay healthier. Any deficiency in these two vitamins may result in gingivitis since they help the body to fight gum disease.