Dental Mercury Can Cause Your Teeth To Crack

dental mercury

Mercury itself is a highly toxic chemical. You should keep in mind that during silver or amalgam filling 50% of mercury is used. Silver dental filling according to research exposes you to the harmful threats associated with mercury.

We will discuss why mercury fillings are popular in the world of dentists and how they can negatively affect your health

Definition of mercury

It is a chemical element that occurs naturally and comes in two forms: elemental and methylmercury. Elemental mercury resembles a metal liquid material that is silver in color. When heated, it evaporates into a toxic moisture.

Methylmercury is a combination of both mercury and carbon. It is mostly found in the environment.

What Silver filings are all about

The fillings contain only 32% of the silver material. These fillings also have amounts of copper, zinc and tin. The combination of these three creates a durable and hard material known as amalgam. Amalgam is often used in decaying teeth especially those that have cavities.

In such a scenario, you will need a dental crown, or if worse, a dental implant to help in strengthening your teeth. Mercury fillings can actually harm a fractured or cracking tooth.

How can your body be poisoned by mercury fillings?

Approximately 2-20 microgram is deposited in your body whenever you chew mercury in small amounts from your amalgam fillings.

The release of mercury is also found when temperatures increases in your mouth. This is achieved when taking hot tea or coffee. Another problem that mercury can cause is chewing of gum.

Actual dangers of mercury fillings

Some of the most common problems that are associated with mercury filling poisoning include;

  • Damage of nerves
  • Insomnia
  • Respiratory failure
  • Headaches
  • Kidney problems
  • Tremors

University of Washington found out that brain damage can be cause by release of mercury chemicals in low levels.

Expectant mothers are also at a high risk. This is because mercury exposure affects the health of children and unborn fetuses. Some individuals are likely to be allergic to the filling used by mercury.

It is equally important to note that the mercury found in amalgam filling should not get in to an environment. This is because it can cause harm to water sources, wildlife and plants.

In case you want the mercury filling removed, make sure you reach out to a dentist who has experience on the same. They will be able to take you through the removal procedure. Dentists will also be able to replace the mercury fillings with non-toxic and safer materials.

In conclusion

All dentists’ marketing strategies cover all aspects of the dental experience. There is no need of worrying about your dental health issues. However, if you can avoid mercury from entering your mouth the better. This is because it can affect your health if it is in high percentages.

You can also prevent it from building up if it is already in your body system. Contact a professional dentist for the same.