Can Female Dentists Handle a Difficult Tooth Extraction When Muscle is Required?

female dentists

While the typical stereotype of women not being able to handle demanding tasks is still being witnessed, those in dentistry are experiencing something new. Today, a typical dental clinic’s team is a mix of genders performing different tasks. Unlike before, when women were only viewed as a supporting cast, the dental care field is now putting women in positions that allow them to address challenging dental care processes.

Types of Complicated Tooth Extractions Handled by Women

Surgical tooth extractions are the most common procedures found in dental clinics. Tooth extraction is usually a simple and straightforward process. However, it may also be a bit difficult, requiring a more complicated procedure.

Quite often, if the procedure is too complicated and delicate, the dentist may refer you to the oral surgeon for a full dental surgery. This usually means the whole process is beyond the normal extraction procedures of prying and pulling. Here are a few examples of complicated tooth extractions.

Cracked or Fragile Teeth

When your tooth experiences some cracks and breakages, the remaining part remains delicate and painful from the root. It will still appear intact to some people, but a close dental examination may reveal the tooth’s fragility. This means your tooth is susceptible to more fractures during extraction.

Therefore, this kind of extraction requires a lot of force. But even so, the extraction process may not guarantee any safety for the remaining tooth. It only remains a delicate process that may result in further complications if everything doesn’t happen as required.

Impacted Teeth

Whenever a tooth fails to erupt accordingly, a condition known as impaction arises. This could even happen if the tooth breaks out at an angle or if there is not enough space on the jaw. In most cases, the break-out teeth end up buried in the jawbone or gum tissues.

Impaction often affects the third set of molar teeth in the lower jaw, known as the wisdom teeth. It’s often regarded as a severe dental condition that requires a delicate extraction process.

Teeth with Curved Roots

The configuration of the tooth’s roots affects everything surrounding its extraction. Perhaps it explains why teeth with the wrong configuration of roots are often recommended for removal before they mature.

Teeth with curved, crooked, or hooked roots are generally challenging to extract. Besides the apparent complications that may arise, their extraction process may require a lot of muscle. This could result in teeth breakage or further damage to the roots.

And even though female dentists can handle the extraction process involving crooked teeth, there’s still uncertainty whether they are allowed to administer other procedures. For instance, female dentists still need to smash the Invisalign ceiling as compared to their male counterparts.  This is the case even as Invisalign has been a game-changer for orthodontics in fixing crooked teeth.

Final Word

The truth is that women can handle difficult teeth extraction regardless of the amount of muscle required. They need an equal opportunity to showcase their expertise and execute dental functions without any gender-based prejudice.