How to properly brush your dog’s teeth

Ways of brushing your dog’s teeth

Dental hygiene is as important to pets as it is to humans. An area that has been often overlooked is the oral hygiene for dogs. Poor dental care for dogs can lead to bad odor, gum disease or teeth decay.

By contrast dental care for humans is simpler when compared to dogs as it is done voluntarily. This article will look in to how to maintain dog’s teeth looking all white and dazzling.

Ways of brushing your dog’s teeth

The following are some of the things to do when handling dog’s teeth;

  1. Purchase a toothbrush specifically made for dogs

These toothbrushes can either be found at pet supply outlets online or pet stores. It is easy to use to the back teeth of a dog. This is achieved by using the curved and long handle of the toothbrush.

  1. Identify a good location for brushing of teeth

Ensure that the location for this activity has good lighting. This will help in ensuring that the dog is comfortable. This is because you will be able to see whatever you are doing.

  1. Position yourself in a friendly manner

To start this process, sit or kneel besides your dog’s head. Do not restrain your dog as this will make it fearful in the tooth brushing activity.

  1. Do not apply so much pressure when starting to brush

When starting to brush your dog, put the toothbrush in a gentle way. Make sure that you use circular motions between the bottom and top teeth. Brushing their teeth should be done once every week.

  1. Introduce the dog to toothpaste

Grease the toothpaste on one of your fingers and allow the dog to lick it.

Orthodontics for dogs

Can you imagine orthodontics for your pets – yep cats with braces – will be popular on social media? Pets also visit orthodontics whenever they have teeth problem.

This refers to a dentistry branch. It deals with correcting crooked teeth and jaws that have been poorly positioned. It is important to visit a professional dental cleaner as much as you can do it yourself.

Dental diseases to look out for

Get to understand what kind of dental problem that your dog is ailing from. The following are some of the common diseases;

  • Bad breath

It is also known as halitosis. Buildup of bacteria in the mouth causes this disease.

  • Cysts

This disease is caused by bumps and lumps that form inside a dog’s mouth. Visiting a vet is advisable when dealing with this disease.

  • Gingivitis

Just like human beings, dogs also suffer this disease. It is caused by irritated gums.

  • Proliferating gum problem

This problem occurs when there is gum growing over the teeth. However, there is no cause for alarm as it is treatable.


When taking care of your dogs, do not ignore the teeth. Feel free to reach out to a vet whenever the above shared diseases occur. Your dogs will be all sparkling with white teeth.