Cosmetic Dentistry Tourism: Australians Turn Inward

Cosmetic Dentistry Tourism

As the average Australian disposable income keeps going down, most Australians are seeking cheaper dental care outside the country. The population are looking for both essential and cosmetic dental care, which comes at a fraction of the costs in Australia. Read about Cosmetic Dentistry Tourism below.

Studies have established over 10,000 Australians each year adopt dentistry tourism even with all the risks it comes with. The overseas medication became a viable option as they come with packages containing flights to exotic locations, accommodation with dental care as icing on the package. These fancy holidays provide a wide range of dental care; root canal, crowns, bridges, and porcelain veneers. Some of the top destinations for dentistry tourism include Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

However, things are changing fast. Following the coronavirus pandemic with all the travel restrictions, the dentistry tourism dynamics are shifting. Those who preferred the exotic destination for dental care are now opting for the Australian options. Instead of going for the complex dentistry in the faraway lands, they will now only travel to Brisbane for cosmetic dentistry, which is more convenient.

Even though this might be a forced shift, it is beneficial for both the clients and the orthodontists. At face value, external dental care is cheaper and fast hence more convenient. However, they come with various risks such as lack of quality assurance due to poor quality medical facilities and unqualified dentists. The rush on consultations increases the chances of wrong medication. At the same time following up after a procedure becomes an issue.

For the local Australian dentists, this shift in cosmetic dentistry tourism is a blessing in disguise. They can take advantage of the period to consolidate their place as the best orthodontists in the world.

Dentistry as a selling product 

One of the reasons for the success of dentists abroad with the Australians seeking cosmetic dentistry services is the packaging. These locations presented their services more like a business than healthcare. The added services like accommodation and tours make it more appealing.

The Australian dentists are already moving in the same direction. They are investing in marketing as any other company like advertising like how before and after teeth veneers look like. The Australian dentists now marketing themselves mostly with SEO as they target the local audience. The dentists must also show they offer the best services given the ability of the consumerist patients to shop around for the perfect dental solution.

Still, there is a concern when dentists only view the patients as a way to earn. That every perfect smile is considered in terms of revenue. The dentists must find a way to balance the human touch and the business inclinations.

Should you also turn inward for your dental care?

Yes, as travelling remains uncertain, it’s time to look for local dental solutions. However, the concerns of costs remain, as Australian cosmetic dentistry is all about quality. To ensure proper local dental care, invest in health insurance that covers dental treatments. If you already have a cover, understand all it covers then include the complex and maxillofacial surgery if not part of it.

The other way to approach local dental care is to save more money. Prepare a budget then find a way of reducing costs to free up money for future dental treatments costs. When prepared you don’t have to borrow when seeking treatment or look for options abroad.

Lastly, take care of your teeth. You can easily avoid most dental issues with proper dental hygiene and preventative measures.