Do Dentists Judge You? Intimate Oral Intrusion Can Be Invasive

Intimate Oral Intrusion

Oral intrusion is the condition of tooth displacement. A tooth or more may penetrate the alveolar, and they will have roots deep into the gums, making them difficult to extract. Most of the time, it will require invasive surgery to correct the condition. A dentist can restructure the dental formula to the normal structure.

There are several reasons why an individual may have the challenges. Sometimes it may appear from birth or may occur due to injury. It is critical for the patient to visit a dentist for surgical procedures to realign the misplaced tooth. However, there is trauma to individuals facing the condition, which may make them have dental phobia.

Dental Phobia Due to Oral Intrusion

An unprofessional dentist can be judgmental about the condition making the patient suffer the fear and anxiety of seeking help. The dental patient journeys can be either confronting or comforting. Having disfigurement on the dental structure will likely affect the person’s life. A medical practitioner should be the last person to make them feel awkward about the condition.

Therefore, it is critical to find a dentist you are comfortable with when seeking invasive treatment for oral intrusion. Choosing dentists who are gentle of both action and spirit is essential when experiencing fear or anxiety about undertaking the treatment procedures. Alternatively, when experiencing the fear of the dentistry equipment, you can undergo therapy to help develop the right psychology.

With a gentle dentist in action and spirit, you will not have to worry about the judgment present with other players in the field. Below is what you can expect from such dentists;

The Assessment

A dentist will enquire about the historical dental and medical information before they can treat the condition. The information is important to know more about the cause and create the basis of a treatment plan. A patient needs to give accurate and detailed information. The medical practitioner will examine the surrounding features to the oral invasion, including the tissues, face and head

They will investigate more about the condition through radiography. The procedure helps identify the extent of intrusion into the socket. The dentist will diagnose the condition depending on what they find through the dental assessment. However, there are other tests like mobility and percussion that they will use for a complete diagnosis.


To achieve treatment success, a dentist should ensure the patient is in the right psychological state. They will prevent the patient from any infections by giving them antibiotics. At the same time, prepare the area for the procedures through disinfection.

The specialist can reposition the tooth surgically to correct the oral intrusion. There are different techniques the experts can use, but it depends on the diagnosis. The procedure will require the use of anesthetics to cure the pain while requiring regular cleaning for healing. Monitoring the oral condition is important to ensure a successful recovery and prevent any complications.


Since there is a risk of stigmatization due to the oral intrusion condition, ensure you find an appropriate dentist for the procedures.