Ukraine Dentists: The Latest Western Oral Fetish

Ukraine dentist

The war between Russia and Ukraine has had many impacts that have affected many people, some of whom were injured. However, despite all the chaos, they are still one of the leading countries with good and affordable dental implants. Most people who have lost their teeth or have an issue with their oral health are visiting Ukraine to get help. Ukraine has become a great option for dental implants, jaw prosthetics, braces or wisdom teeth removal. Most people hosting Ukrainian refugees have witnessed them getting treated and attending dental appointments faster than they do in their country. That’s why you should consider visiting obscure faraway dentists such as in Kyiv to get your treatment without complications. This article will explore the curious phenomenon of Ukraine dentists as the latest western oral fetish.

Ukraine Has Been Media-Fetished in the West in 2022 & 2023

As this recent article explains about the fetishisation of Ukraine in general since the invasion by Russia, explains:

Idealists. Racists. Fetishists. An obsession with Ukrainian women’s looks is taking bandwidth away from their struggle with Russian oppression. And it’s an issue the besieged democracy will have to contend with long after the last invading soldier is expelled.

“There has been a vigorous debate among Ukrainian supporters about why people tend to fixate on Ukrainian women’s physical appearances,” Ukrainian social commentator Oleksandra Povoroznyk writes in Foreign Policy.

“Just take a look at the comments under photos of Ukrainian servicewomen published online.

“The stereotypes are persistent – whether it’s in the relatively harmless form of Western supporters going googly-eyed or the far more disturbing language out of Russia.”

Prices of Dental Services in Ukraine

Ukraine has one of the most affordable dental checkups and replacements compared to other countries. For example, you can find that an ordinary denture made of plastic might cost up to $1000, but in Ukraine, the same procedure might be available at a cheaper price, such as $150. Gumming up a tooth in Ukraine is $25 compared to us, where you might pay $400. This makes it easy and profitable to fly from other countries to get your teeth fixed in Ukraine. Russia and the countries of the caucasus are seeing medical staff fleeing, making it impossible for dentists to work properly. In Europe, the prices are lower than in the United States but higher than in Ukraine. An example is if you want filling services you have to pay 70 euros which is higher than that of Ukraine.

Dental Tourism: The Most Popular Dental Services In Ukraine

Many foreigners visit Ukraine for dental treatment. Some of the common dental issues that foreigners get treated for include prosthetics, treatment of caries, implants and application of veneers and braces. Even though most people think cheap services are often poor quality, it’s not the case in Ukraine. The doctors in Ukraine offer high-quality services, which is one of the greatest reasons why most people are still making appointments. It’s intriguing to note that the low prices in dentistry are also due to the purchasing power of Ukrainians, which is much lower than Europeans.

The Material and Quality of Work of the Ukrainian Dentists

It’s a truism that the clinics in Ukraine have advanced materials such as ultra 3D technology and multi-level systems for cleaning instruments and infection control. Dentist in clinics often has the opportunity to improve their professional level. Patients seeking dental services in Ukraine receive a full transfer of services, including maxillofacial surgery. This makes getting all your services in one place easy without looking for other clinics.

Accessibility to Ukraine: Even in Wartime

Another key factor that most people prefer going to Ukraine apart for affordable services is the easy means of transportation. You don’t have to open a visa to enter Ukraine if you are a visitor. And they will see you quicker than your typical UK dentist as the BBC reported recently:

A Ukrainian refugee travelled back to their war-torn country for dental work because they could be seen more quickly there, a councillor has claimed.

A meeting of South Gloucestershire Council was told the (UK) dental system is in a “death spiral”.

Councillor Sandie Davis said: “Ukrainian refugees couldn’t find a dentist, so they travelled back to Ukraine to see a dentist.”

NHS bosses said there was a “workforce crisis” but were improving things.

Check out this comment comparing UK dentistry with Ukraine’s published in The Guardian:

I had a checkup with my NHS dentist in May 2022. The next was scheduled for January 2023. This was postponed until April and, last week, I was told this appointment is cancelled. I now have to ring the practice in November 2023 to arrange an appointment for 2024. We currently have a Ukrainian refugee staying with us. She returned to Lviv for Christmas and saw her dentist while there. I am thinking of joining her on her next trip home as it is clearly easier to see a dentist in a war zone than it is here (Rotten, with no quick fixes: the state of our mouths reflects the plight of NHS dentistry, 2 March).
John Lovelock

Wrapping Up

The above are key things one should know when accessing dental services in Ukraine. You can research a reputable and experienced dentist and make an appointment for a checkup.