Tooth Loss a Possible Side-Effect of Covid-19

Covid-19 is a volume of medical mystery and social chaos. It’s hard to know its effects in detail; however, medical experts worldwide are recording, analysing, and combining their findings and knowledge about the virus to ensure people’s safety to a greater degree. The need to introduce modern technology and methods are also taken into consideration. A question that has been striking the minds recently is the effect of Covid-19 on the tooth, thereby resulting in tooth decay.

There are multifarious cases and reports across the globe where a direct connection was discovered between the Covid-19 virus and tooth decay. This states that people affected with Covid-19 are reported to feel wiggling in their bottom teeth and are believed to lose adult teeth easily. Dentists did not show much concern in the first couple of cases; however, dentists were forced to participate in research after the reports became common worldwide. Such cases were reported in common, and the case studies were combined and analysed to epitomise a conclusion centering the same.

Is it important for one to check with their dentist in case of tooth decay caused by Covid-19?

Researchers state quite confidently that brain fog, muscle ache, nerve pain, and tooth decay are predominant side-effects of the Covid-19 virus. It is gratuitous to deny the need to check with your dentist for the same. Teeth are important for our body, facial structure, chewing, and it takes part in partial digestion too. Letting go of your teeth and keeping them unchecked can lead to serious tooth decay that might require surgeries. To avoid pain, misery, and extra money loss, it is surely suggestive to take precautions and check with a dentist or dental consultant on time.

Is the connection between dentistry and Covid-19 true?
Existing dental problems may worsen due to the novel Corona virus and has been quite a topic hovering around news channels throughout the world. Many sources have confirmed symptoms like swollen toes, hair loss, and tooth decay to be the post effects of the Covid-19 virus. The confirmation of this was where Covid-19 and dentistry combine into news. The truth is still under check by health and dental experts around the world; however, a connection between Covid-19 and tooth decay is certain. Case reports have been tallied, and such a conclusion was reached by health experts and has been a topic of argument across news channels.
There have been reports that portrayed tooth structure change or worsening the tooth decay for people who already had initial tooth problems. Reports suggest that people with tooth problems faced accelerated greyish spots on the tooth and the decay caused was much severe. This was certain that the decay was accelerated due to introducing the novel Corona virus into the patient’s body, and it turned severe eventually. Although the effects and impacts of Covid-19 are hidden in the mist, it is always better to consult the concerned experts before concluding. So dentist play important role in the period of corona virus.