Dental Technology Advances into the 2020s with Record Demand

The idea of visiting a dentist frightens many people. This is because of previous unpleasant experiences with most of them. Besides, not everyone would be comfortable having a stranger double-checking their mouths.  The other reason could be expensive charges related to dental services. Nevertheless, all these concerns are gradually becoming a thing of the past, thanks to advancing dental technology.

If you are looking for an ideal dental services provider, Invisalign achieved unprecedented global publicity thanks to their top-notch services. As a patient, you are encouraged to seek earlier intervention in case of any minor dental problems to avoid serious problems and costlier resolutions. Dental technology has literally changed today’s market, just like digital and social media technology. Therefore, patients are visiting the dentist often and are getting a more satisfying service. Let’s look at how technology has changed some strenuous dentistry tasks with the highest demand this year.

Digital dentures

Sometimes back, patients who needed digital dentures had to visit the dentist repeatedly, before getting a perfect fit. The creation process was a guess work. However, CAD or Computer-aided manufacturing technologies allow dental specialists to create perfect dentures in a short while. This is because a complete prosthesis is produced in a short duration.

Augmented reality

Anytime virtual reality is mentioned, video games cross most people’s minds, not knowing the impact this technology has on modern medicine. With augmented reality technology, the dentist can explore the patient’s mouth using a virtual image. This helps to train future dentists.

Robotic dental implant surgery

The highest percentage of patients has missing toots. Dental implants are among the most popular ways of helping patients to restore their teeth. Mouth defects, including lacking some teeth, can affect one’s self-esteem. However, modern dentistry uses plastic drill guides to create dental implants, but things are now changing.

The new technology uses a computerized navigation strategy that offers sensory data and even holds the drill in place. Robotic dental implant surgery helps in preoperative plus surgical procedures.

3D printing

Following the discovery of 3D technology, the dentistry world took a U-turn. This is because users can now create any shape that’s needed. With this technology, dentists can create dentures and prostheses using laser precision concurrently performing their daily practices.

Besides, the introduction of multi-nozzle 3D printing has allowed scientists to print using several materials in no time.

Continuous Liquid Interface production

The 3D printing process tends to be sluggish, but CLP has brought about a great change. 3 D printing duration depends on 3D printing stages to reload the materials, cure them, and position itself. With CLP, a solid object can grow from a liquid bath.

Smart toothbrush

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, there are creative ways of maintaining good oral care at the comfort of your home. For instance, the newest trend is the introduction of modern toothbrushes. They enable the individual to spend enough time brushing their teeth and using ideal toothpaste to improve dental health.

Intra-Oral camera

Intra-oral camera technology allows the dentist to explore a patient’s mouth by the use of a mirror featuring a small camera. That way, the patient doesn’t have to open their jaws for prolonged periods of time. Also, the expert gets to detect the areas with problems with ease.