Orthodontic Careers: How to Become an Orthodontist

Orthodontic Careers

Orthodontists are dental professionals responsible for aligning and straightening the teeth. They can keep oral disorders at bay while allowing one to enjoy a healthy smile. Becoming an orthodontist is a challenging procedure that needs almost four years of schooling at a dental college and two years of residency. If you feel you can exert all your efforts for such a prolonged period, at the end, you will be rewarded with a lucrative career.

The following write-up specifies the steps prospective orthodontists must follow. Please check them out now.

1. Take Practice Exams

Some people hardly pay any attention to their education because they believe they can have a strong clientele base through social media marketing. Well, you first have to become an orthodontist and that needs years of hard work. Then it’s time for marketing your dental clinic.

You can ace the final exam only if you take practice exams. Practice exams enable you to get acquainted with the kinds of questions asked and also help you analyze your weaknesses and strengths. Use the data collected to improve the areas you are struggling with.

Although you have to purchase practice exams from the dental associations, their benefits easily outweigh their price. You can take practice exams whenever and as frequently you like.

2. Find Study Materials and Resources

There are several test-prep guides, books, and courses readily available helping you prepare for the final exam. The well-acknowledged resources are from Princeton and Kaplan. Be friends with other students who have taken the exam and ask their advice. Request for copies or any guides they may have utilized or created on their own.
The materials and resources would work only if you carry out the below-mentioned steps:

> Create a proper schedule so you have time for leisure activities.
> Set aside one hour at least every weekday to take practice exams.
> Set aside more time on weekends.

3. Apply to the Best Dental Schools

Almost all the dental schools depend on the American Dental Association website for the application though the individual programs will link to the particular application site. Apply to the schools during summer season after completing the junior year when you have your DAT scores.
The admission committees take the following things into account when evaluating the applicants.

> DAT scores
> GPA scores
> Personal statement
> Recommendation letter
> Experience
> Interview

4. Complete the Residency

After graduating from the dental school, you should apply for residency in the field you wish to specialize in – orthodontics. The residency lasts two years but sometimes longer. The two systems used for finding postdoctoral education are PASS (postdoctoral application support service) and MATCH (postdoctoral dental matching program).

If you are planning on having a successful orthodontic practice, you must get certification from the Australian Society of Orthodontists’ (ASO). This will set you apart from the other practicing professionals in your locality.

To be certified, you must pass an examination of 240 written questions along with a clinical test. The certificate expires after ten years. You must pass a renewal examination each decade to prove your excellence.