Indian Dentists In Demand In Melbourne & Sydney

Oral health is vital for everyone. Maintaining healthy teeth is not something you can compromise, and you have to visit the dentist from time to time to cater to your oral health. Fortunately, Melbourne and Sydney are modern cities where most residents have health covers that facilitate medical checkups and treatments, including dental treatments.

According to the World Dental Federation (FDI), Australia has the highest number of overseas internationally qualified dentists. In about every four dentists in Melbourne and Sydney, one of them is an international dental graduate. That’s because Australia’s oral industry is highly lucrative and rewarding, making it an attractive destination for many dentists worldwide. The Indian dentists have been in demand in Melbourne and Sydney for quite a while now.  Part of the reason being, India is well recognised worldwide for producing many of the best health personnel.

Reasons that drive the demand

Dental services are growing and getting innovative every day. Consequently, people’s demands are increasing too. The population in the two cities is growing, which means its population structure is changing with more immigrants now more than before. Many residents prefer to visit an emergency dentist with multicultural staff to enjoy the diversity such a facility offers, especially if not born in Melbourne and Sydney but live there.

The number and structure of the population, for instance, the number of immigrants and the population ratio (the elderly and younger generation), are the primary drivers of Indian dentists’ demand in Melbourne and Sydney. Other factors worth considering include educational level, societal expectations, variations in prices, expectations of individual clients, societal expectations, and dental services growth.

Today, people’s expectations are growing, and they demand quality services. Despite where a dentist comes from, Melbourne and Sydney residents will be happy to embrace them as long as they offer quality dental services.


Clients fuel a considerable part of the demand as they try to balance between quality dental services and the ability to pay for them. Indian dentists offer quality dental services at affordable fees. The residents love their services and demand more, leading to a shortage. However there are times when Indian dentists struggle with their finances and are unable to afford to study further and upgrade their qualifications, and when this happens the story is not so rosy as this article shows.

What is the structure of dental services in Melbourne and Sydney?

When it comes to dental services, most of them are personally facilitated rather than government facilitated, meaning that people personally pay for dental services, whether through insurance or cash. That means, for every dental service, the client pays for 80% of the fees.

The best part is, like other developed countries such as the US, UK, and Canada, more than 50% of the Australian population have health insurance covers. So facilitating dental fees is not much of a problem for most of them.

Another notable feature in Melbourne and Sydney’s dental services structure is that most of the dental facilities are small privately owned. That allows the dentist to unveil their full potential for dental services since they are enjoying good returns. That partly explains why Melbourne and Sydney are suitable cities for both Indian and Bangladeshi dentists to practice. For a list of some Indian dentists in Sydney who you could work for, click here.


As of the year 2020, Melbourne and Sydney’s dental services demand is expected to rise, especially if the Australian government decides to spend more money on health care. Consequently, the demand for Indian dentists in the two cities is unlikely to fall anytime soon.