For Good Oral Health, Is Nature or Nurture More Important?

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According to recent studies, several health problems we face are present in our genes. No matter what we can do, we can’t avoid them. Most oral problems like tooth decay, gum problem and cavities run through our genes. But is there nothing we can do to cure all these? This post will discuss whether nature or nurture is predominant in oral health care.

Genetic Oral Problems

As we have already said, many oral problems have run through our genes for generations. Let’s talk about them a bit.

Tooth Decaying

According to studies conducted by gene scientists, decay or Cavity is something we got from our ancestors. A certain gene called beta-defensin 1, also known as DEFB1, can increase the risk of Cavity. If your gene has beta-defensin, you will most likely get a decaying or Cavity in the future.

Gum Problems

Some people maintain good oral routines but still have some problems with their gums. It is because their genes have issues. You can notice the same problem running in the whole family.

Oral Cancers

Lifestyle such as smoking and drinking plays a major role in causing oral cancer. Apart from that, genetics also play a part. The chances of getting oral cancer increase when certain genetic markers exist.

How Nurture Can Help Cure Oral Problems

Although the natural gene is a prominent factor behind oral diseases, nurture is more important to avoid getting those. We know the saying endure what you cannot cure. Let’s show some light on what can we do to prevent tooth decay, Cavity and other oral problems.

  1. Make a Habit of Brushing Twice a Day

There is no better nurture of your mouth than brushing your teeth. Dental hygiene supports your good oral microbiome. Make sure to brush at least two times a day. Regular brushing prevents germ attack and decreases the risk of Cavity. If you have small children, teach them to develop this habit early. It will benefit them in future.

  1. Try to Increase the Intake of Vitamin D

Do you know vitamin D can cure tooth damage? Our teeth need calcium and phosphate to revive any tooth problem. Food items made of milk are enriched with vitamin D. try to increase the intake of vitamin D for this reason. It is instrumental in reversing tooth cavities and avoiding Cavity.

  1. Make Sure Your Toothpaste Has Fluoride

Saliva and Fluoride are the two major elements that help us fight against bacteria and other oral diseases. Make sure your toothpaste has fluoride in it. Fun fact, Fluoride is a tricky element.

Excessive intake of Fluoride can cause other oral problems, like spots on the teeth. Most toothpaste available now has a balanced amount of Fluoride along with long and other minerals, which are beneficial for our teeth.

  1. Consult a Dentist

Last but not least, regular consultation with a dentist helps nurture your teeth. Only a dentist can gauge the exact situation of your oral health and suggest how to nurture it. Women’s health is a symbiosis of nurture first, then nature. Try to visit an experienced dentist at regular intervals. He will suggest to you further what to do.

We have discussed both nature and nurture. Although avoiding nature is impossible, it is the nurture we all need to maintain a healthy oral condition.