Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Dentist’s View

fluoride in drinking water

There is continued misunderstanding about the value of adding fluoride to public drinking water.

The decision to fluoridate must be based on science, and the pro-fluoride position most certainly has been: poor science, carried out more than seventy years ago.

We barely had colour tv then. Google was only ever going to be googol and the job of ‘influencer’ would have been laughed at until the radiogram was switched off and the last cigarette put out on the bedside table.

There has never been a study on hydrofluorosilicic acid (HSA), which is the type of fluoride currently being added to our water. Certainly science shows that professional topical application of fluoride is of benefit in reduce tooth cavities with the professional application of fluoride and the use of products like toothpaste and some mouth rinses.

But it’s not always a case of the more the more.

Within six months, two peer-reviewed scientific articles, one in the prestigious JAMA Pediatrics Journal of the American Medical Association, showed drinking fluoridated water lowers the IQ of children.

It has been proven in medical and scientific studies more than 50 times all around the world.

The Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry published an article in 2018 entitled Fluoride Exposure in Early Life as the Possible Root Cause of Disease in Later Life.

There is no argument children should be protected and recent studies indicate that in this misguided quest for good, we may be achieving evil.

Water is vital to our overall health, and our oral health which is why the European Pediatric dentists support fluoride only in toothpaste.

Dental fluorosis, faint white lines or streaks on the teeth that occur when children consume too much fluoride, is prevalent in more than 50% of children. This is a concern on many levels: not least the erosion of teen self-esteem with more significant cases requires expensive dental treatment to correct.

Using tap water to make infant formula subjects babies to much too high a dose of fluoride.

Science has always shown that fluoride is a toxin; the FDA considers it medication.

There is no need for it in any human biological process. The hydrofluorosilicic acid put in the water is contaminated with the toxins of the phosphate fertiliser industry.

There is no sense or science to this mass medication; 97% of Europe doesn’t fluoridate its water because the only useful fluoride is prescribed and administered by a dentist.

How is that we knowingly continue to add arsenic to the public water system?

Reducing the need for dental fillings, inlays and inlays comes from sound personal oral care and regular dental visits, not drinking chemically contaminated magic tooth water.

Many dentists longer use fluoride in their practice, choosing more natural ways to create the microbiome and oral environment not prone to caries.

There is little science to support fluoridation, and compelling research that shows its significant impact on human and animal health. Fluoride is an active molecule that interferes with many systems: thyroid, endocrine, bone, dental and mental. The list is extensive.

You’ve gotta figure if you can’t eat toothpaste, you ougtn’t drink the water.