Female Dentists Still Struggling To Smash The Invisalign Ceiling

What a lot of rotten bastards we all really are. All this talk about equality between the genders is hogwash. The reality is that for some sixty thousand years male Homo sapiens have treated their female brethren as second-class citizens, when it suited them. I am pretty sure it would have been a similar story for Neanderthals prior to this. Still, one cannot let it get you down and the good fight must be fought to the bitter end. Female dentists still struggling to smash the Invisalign ceiling are just another example of Sydney’s unlevel playing field.

Women Used to Swallowing Bitter Pills

My editor is a man, as you can probably twig from the title of this piece, which he determines. Clever men pulling the strings whilst we women do all the actual work. It is enough to give you tooth ache in the wisdom region of one’s oral cavity. Did you know that Invisalign is still administered more often by male orthodontists and that they often earn more in the process? What was that? You are not surprised in the least and used to swallowing these bitter pills. Such is the path of a woman in 2020. Female dentists are still struggling to smash the Invisalign ceiling in Australia and around the globe – and this is not just a feminist viewpoint or opinion – the hard statistics show it to be so.

Sydney Female Dentists Earning 54% Less than Their Male Counterparts

According to the most recent available data male dentists earn 54% more than their female counterparts in America. How can this be in the 21C? Women make up more than a third of total dental technicians. You can find a successful woman in the dental marketing industry in Australia making good money but, of course, it could always be better. This is supposed to be the enlightened wealthy west, the pinnacle of civilisation. The disturbing truth of the matter puts too many women below their male counterparts. Will the coronavirus pandemic offer an opportunity to level the playing field for once and all? There are more white men dying of this disease than white women.

Unsurprisingly, social media strategy is female influencer dominated. We women are the great communicators offering empathy across many great divides. Are we, however, adequately renumerated for our skills in this regard, no, of course not? A man will always ask for more, whether he is entitled or not. A man will desperately scrabble his way to the top of the hill because he is too insecure to remain elsewhere.