Do Dentures Affect People’s Attention To Nutrition?

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Tooth loss is a common occurrence for senior citizens and the ageing population. Whether you do not have any teeth or got some, dentures can give you an appealing smile. The dental mediums can help with chewing food to help you eat well. However, sometimes it may be challenging for some foods and prevent you from having a balanced diet. Read on to understand the relationship between nutrition and dentures.

Tooth loss and nutrition

There is a relationship between tooth loss and nutrition. However, there is no direct correlation between using dentures and dental implants with eating healthy. Your sustenance can suffer if you do not take the necessary steps. It happens mainly to seniors and ageing people. The information is from studies on a sample population of individuals who were partially or entirely without the teeth. Findings show that the individuals did not have some essential nutrients you would get from a balanced diet. Also, it shows that those who do not have most of their teeth will suffer more from chewing difficulties. It will affect their general health and may lead to malnutrition.

Besides using edentulate people to prove the hypothesis of tooth loss and nutrition, the researchers offered questionnaires to people using dentures to understand the relationship. However, the findings were inconsistent since the case differs from one subject to another. Also, the studies did not observe the sample population for an extended period as it would help get more accurate data on the situation. Still, it showed a deficiency of particular nutrients in individuals who have missing teeth.

FDI is at the forefront of promoting the positive benefits of dentistry. Dentist clinics and medical facilities offering dental services are yet to integrate patient counselling on the importance of nutrition while using dentures. Limited data is the main problem as the government cannot make the correct projection to the need. The relevant authorities and agencies must validate the results to determine the best approach to tackle the issue.

The impact of Dental Dentures on Nutrition

Using dentures to chew food is not the same as using your natural teeth. You may find it challenging to crush foodstuff, negatively impacting your feeding. The challenges will affect how you eat and change your diet over time. You may lose the intake of nutrients essential for your body. Therefore, dentists need to assist patients in transitioning to using dentures to chew food. It may take time to use the mediums, but continuous follow-up can help patients manage.

Another research using medical records confirms that dentures affect a person’s attention to nutrition. After two years of edentulate people getting the dental mediums, researchers would evaluate the data. It showed a difference in their nutrient composition, and the experts predict that the decline will continue over time.


It is essential to eat healthy for improved immunity and body functioning. If you use dentures and cannot get the nutrients due to a problem chewing, you can opt for supplements to cover the deficit. You will need to talk to your doctor before starting on the plan to get the right balance with your diet.