2022 Best List: Where To Go For The Best Dental Care In The World?

Best Dental Care In The World

It will be interesting to know which country has the best dental care service in the World. There are countries where people are more concerned about dental care and hygiene, whereas other countries are not like them.

Have you ever thought about this? In this post, we will talk about the top five countries that are the best in the World in the field of dental care. In short, you will know which countries have the best dentists. So, when you look for dentists, you know where to find the best ones.


According to studies conducted throughout the World, Italy has the best dental service available for people. Here approximately 77 dentists are available for every hundred thousand people. Though the number looks small, it is the best in the World. Experts think Italians consume less sugar, which could be a major reason they have fewer dental problems.

They are also not an avid user of alcohol and cigarettes. Now you know what to do to keep your teeth healthy and fresh. If you are looking for the best dental specialists in dental implants, you should come to Italy.


Although in Germany, you will find 82 dentists for every hundred thousand people, which is more than in Italy; they are behind the Italians overall. Average Germans consume more sugar, alcohol and cigarettes than Italians do. You can see a pattern here. European countries are more aware of dental health than others.


The United Kingdom is one of the most popular places for dental care. Every year millions of people go through dental surgeries here. Here, there are 54 dentists for every hundred thousand people.

Yearly, an average people from the UK consumes around 40 kg of sugar, which is more than both Italy and Germany. Sometimes just finding the best dentist in a small town like Melton is not possible. If you are looking for the best ones, you should come to the United Kingdom.

According to experts, the main reason for the UK being at the top of the list is that you will find several reputed dental schools in the UK, and there is more opportunity for dentists than anywhere in the World.


Denmark has been one of the best-performing countries over the years regarding the dental care system. In Denmark, we can find around 75 dentists per hundred thousand people through fewer dental facilities are available there. Average sugar, alcohol and tobacco consumption is also higher than those of other top countries.


Finally, if you want to get great dental service, you can easily choose the United States of America. Here you can find great dental schools and quality dental care services. Globally, US doctors have made their name.

As the country is modern and has all the available facilities, chances of getting great dental service are possible. Even if they have one of the best dental care services, Americans have some problems with their teeth because an average American consumes a large amount of sugar, alcohol and cigarettes. Their average meal portions are also very big compared to other countries.

Therefore, these are some of the countries offering the best possible dental care to people.