Dental Podcasts: Can They Relieve Your Dental Anxiety?

dental podcasts of 2021

Listening to a dentist bang on about their profession could be a sure fire cure for insomnia. Perhaps a professional narrator could lift the production to new heights. Patrick Stewart voicing the wonders of modern dentistry in the guise of Jean-Luc Picard. Russel Crowe lamenting upon the cut and thrust of tooth extraction in years gone by. Dental podcasts: Can they relieve your dental anxiety? Well, they say an informed choice is a good one. Understanding can only help in alleviating fears of the unknown and vilely imagined.

TMJ Syndrome Can Appear Suddenly

Dental implants can be an overwhelming prospect for the cosseted modern human. The locked down Homo sapiens afraid of any kind of pain. A life spent in front of screens awaiting some breathing space free from deadly viruses. Listening to political leaders and chief medical officers delineate their movements for the foreseeable future. It is enough to make you grind your teeth in frustration, even, whilst you sleep. The stress can clench your body in unhelpful ways. Life in the 21C is not as we had imagined. Tension lines the fabric of our lives. TMJ disorder or syndrome can appear suddenly from seemingly nowhere.

Take Responsibility for Your Own Health

TMJ syndrome can go from a painful mystery to a condition that can be overcome. You might learn about the various treatments whilst listening to your latest dental podcast. My advice is to start taking responsibility for the state of your own health. We live in a potentially stressful age and learning some breathwork and relaxation techniques will alleviate many stress related physical issues. You are not just a side of beef to be poked and prodded by specialists. Take responsibility for your own health. In the end, the healing is done by you. Don’t be fooled by all those white lab coats you see on your TV screen in ads selling things.

Anxiety can take over your life- but it can be overcome. All you need is faith in yourself. Dental podcasts: Can they relieve your dental anxiety? A good word from a dentist in the right ear may, indeed, shift some worry from your shoulders about pain. However, remember that pain has a purpose. Pain tells us something about our current condition. Don’t be rushing for pain killers every time that you have a headache or something else. Spend some time in self-assessment. Take some deep slow breaths and meditate upon your current state of being. Life is more than rushing about and working. Find out about yourself and who you really are.