Custom-Fitted Mouthguards: Are They Worth It?

custom-fitted mouthguards

Custom mouthguards are usually downplayed. Neglecting such a significant protective device can expose your entire oral health to severe challenges like knocked-out teeth. But why you must purchase custom mouthguards when standard versions are readily available in the sports-goods shops. The following write-up unearths the exclusive advantages of mouthguards as opposed to the pre-manufactured options. Please check it out right now.

Exact Fit

An emergency dentist is more often required if not wearing a mouthguard, so please make a purchase immediately. Our teeth, jaws, and mouth differ from person to person. So, it would need lots of engineering skills for the manufacturer to mass to create mouthguards that would be an exact fit for each individual.

The well-known oral care clinics make the best custom-fit mouthguards. All you have to do is book an appointment with the best doctor, and he/she will take the impression of your teeth. The cast is sent out to the laboratory to make a mouthguard as per your needs.

The mouthguard will fit you optimally so that you do not have to keep your mouth shut to hold onto the mouthguard. The accuracy of the fit makes money as well as time spent of having the device a valuable investment.

Utmost Protection

The sole objective of putting on a mouthguard is to protect your lips, jaw, teeth, and other oral parts from the force generated during impact like collision with other athletes. As custom mouthguards are manufactured after getting the specifications of the individuals, they provide utmost protection when compared to the pre-made options.

Some of the contemporary mouthguards can successfully accommodate the wires in the braces so that the wires do not hurt you or break during an impact. The mouthguards, in general, do not accommodate the unique characteristics, so you have much less protection.

Greater Comfort

Even if you have a phobia or anxiety about dentists, you must get custom-fitted mouthguards. They are incredibly comfortable to wear as they are manufactured as per the attributes of your teeth and mouth. The highest level of comfort makes wearing the mouthguard quite enjoyable.

Comfort is an important consideration if you plan to get a mouthguard for a kid because an uncomfortable mouthguard will create innumerable opportunities for your kid to forget to wear a mouthguard before competing or training in a sport. The pre-made versions are not able to offer a similar degree of comfort, and thereby using them will mean enduring discomfort.

Proper Thickness

The material thickness used for creating custom mouthguards is decided after considering the definite activities for which you require a mouthguard. For instance, a boxer needs a thick mouthguard than someone who plays tennis. This is because the probability of impact to the mouth in boxing is much high than in tennis.

If you wish to opt for custom mouthguards, please consider relying on someone proficient, experienced, and credible. The best dental health professionals in the market tend to respond to all of your queries, no matter how trivial, in a seamless manner, and you will soon wonder why it took you such a long time to shift to custom mouthguards. Remember, they are worth it!