Cosmetic Dentistry: Can It All Go Wrong?

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming popular with people realizing the different solutions to fix various issues with their dental. Cosmetic dentistry has made it possible to rectify discolored, misaligned, and crooked teeth. It is also fixing old and failed dental procedures. Cosmetic dentistry like dental veneers and crowns can improve the look of teeth while protecting them from damage. Such procedures provide the best solutions to smile makeovers. One is now able to achieve a healthier mouth and a beautiful smile. However, let’s face it. Not all cosmetic procedures are successful. There have been various failed procedures where the patient gets the opposite of what they paid for or expected. Such mistakes are a result of various factors. Here is one of the significant reasons why cosmetic dentistry fails.

What Happens in Failed Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the main reasons why cosmetic dentistry goes wrong is failure to follow the principles applied in smile design. Smile design consists of the various tenets a dentist must follow to achieve the specified aesthetic results. It is a strategic method that must be followed for the patient to achieve a natural smile.

When using these principles, the professional must consider the ideas that define a perfect smile. That means evaluating the situation, diagnosing the issue, and solving it while applying the principles in the smile design approach. An experienced dentist must consider the appearance and function of the gums. Failure to consider these principles leads to failed procedures, and you can sue if procedures damage or even disappoint you. Here are several elements in this approach.

  • Research

This approach relies on thorough research in consideration of the different characteristics of the patient. The dentist must know how these aspects contribute to the person’s appearance and what attributes to a perfect smile. Once you ignore these aspects, everything could go wrong with the smile.

  • Interpupillary Line

The cosmetic dentist should also draw an imaginary horizontal line between the pupils. Drawing this line helps them to know how to achieve a natural smile.

  • Gum Tissue Condition

The condition of the gum tissue also affects the outcome of the smile. Therefore, the cosmetic dentist must consider the gum’s symmetry, health, level, and overall condition. Not considering the balance and health of the gum could affect the entire results.

  • Lateral Profile

Lateral profile accounts for the side view of the face. It is another vital element the dentist must consider since it affects the position and build of features like veneers.

  • The Lips

It is also critical to consider the lips to create boundaries of the smile. Remember, the gums and teeth must fit within limits for an attractive and natural look.

  • The Shape of the Face

The face’s shape must match the teeth’ design for a natural smile.

  • Other Elements

It is also vital to consider other elements like teeth dimension, size, length, inclination, and overall symmetry.


These are the main things that go into getting the perfect smile. They are the beginning of knowing what to consider for a smile makeover. Of course, the experience and skills of the dentist must also come into play to achieve the best results.