Children’s Dental Health Month: Will It Achieve Anything?

Children’s dental health

Proper dental health is everyone’s pride; most parents want their children to have proper dental care. It is vital to create children’s dental health awareness. It is done through children’s dental health month, which is usually held in February of every year. It has been going on for the past fifty years.

Children’s dental health month usually encourages children to learn and understand the benefits of good oral health. It is usually sponsored by the American Dental Association to teach children good practices about caring for their teeth through learning activities and resources. It has led to children learning a lot; for instance, children learn to care for their teeth and practice healthy dental hygiene techniques. Here is all you must know about children’s dental health month and its impact on children’s dental health.

History of Dental Health Month

The first event to be dedicated to oral hygiene was held on February 8th, 1949, by the American Dental Health Association. The date was the annual Children’s Dental Health Day, which they used to spread awareness of adequate dental hygiene. Later in 1955, they extended the event to run for an entire week, and in February of 1981, they decided to let the run for an entire month.

To date, during this period, children with dental problems receive proper medication, and the doctors keep track of their patients through the journey; those dentists who treat children well keep them as patients into adulthood because they earn their patients’ trust and even understand their progress. It’s more advantageous than finding another dentist who would take time before understanding the patient’s condition.

Benefits of Children’s Dental Health Month

The awareness campaign aims at working with children, teachers, caregivers, and other professionals to raise awareness of the importance of good oral care. It equips them with knowledge of the appropriate ways to care for their teeth hence promoting good oral health among children and those who may have the privilege of getting dental care services.

Not only are they equipped with proper dental care, but they also receive dental checkups and care for those with dental problems. They can easily access the services always made available to them; this makes them yearn for so many health months – even Oral Microbiome Month will be next. This practice contributes a lot to minimizing tooth decay which is always prevalent among children, by educating and inspiring the young kids to enjoy cleaning their teeth and making it their habit.

Importance of Teaching Children about Dental Health Month

Teaching children about their dental hygiene at a very young age is essential to their later life. Approximately 20% of children between the ages of 5 and 11 years have at least one decaying tooth that has gone without treatment. The most way to minimize this is simply by teaching good hygiene practices. Teaching kids about their dental health at a very tender age will empower them to lead healthy lifestyles.

Wrap Up

Teaching our kids to practice proper hygiene to lead a healthy lifestyle is essential. It will help them have healthy dental hygiene, which wills the good for their health. To learn more, visit our website and find out more about dental hygiene.