Ceramic Braces: Ancient Medium in a Modern Dental Setting

ceramic braces

People are going beyond the functions of braces and are looking for something appealing to enhance their dental setting. Ceramic braces are not only functional in orthodontics but have aesthetics, and you can wear them confidently. They are an ancient medium that has seen significant evolution since they first came into the industry about three decades ago. Technology is the most critical factor that influences development. Still, innovation from years of innovation ensures you can get the best medium for your teeth alignment. Orthodontics is an Ancient Practise.

Braces in Ancient Cultures

Different cultures would find ways to straighten their teeth and have the best smile possible. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians shared the practice. They would create a thread using wires to align the teeth. It was a way of improving appearance while the Etruscans did it to the dead to prepare for the afterlife. Over time, the practice changed as the dental industry evolved. It was not until the 1800s that the first dental braces inventions were on the market. This was after rapid growth in the dentistry sector in the previous century. Still, braces have evolved to suit the modern generation. The mediums are versatile; you can find something to suit your needs.

The Modern Braces

Due to technological advancements, it was possible to move from the traditional metal braces to the ceramic ones. They are not easily detectible when wearing them, so most people prefer them to the alternatives. You can get all you need to know about ceramics at the dentist if you consider having them.

The raw material for the items is mainly aluminium oxide which offers longevity. However, the design differs from the manufacturer. You can find some made entirely of ceramic or other materials for the brackets. The choice depends on your tastes and preferences. But, it is best to consult an orthodontist to know to use the appropriate medium for your teeth alignment.

Reasons to select Ceramic Braces

Here is why you should select ceramic braces for your teeth alignment;

  • Versatility: the mediums are applicable in various dental procedures. Unlike the alternatives like Invisalign, you can use them if your teeth have large spaces. Their versatility makes them a suitable option for people with similar problems with their teeth.
  • Safety: when undergoing magnetic resonance imaging scans, you should not have metal in the body. Ceramic braces are safe when undergoing scans around the head and neck area. So, you will not need to remove them if all the parts are ceramic.
  • It is healthy: ceramic ones promote good dental health, unlike metal braces. The material will not lead to plague formation, which can cause bacterial infections. However, studies are ongoing to determine the fact.
  • Poses no risks of allergic reactions: metal can react with the teeth and develop into other conditions. It would be best to avoid the raw material when selecting braces.
  • Not easily identifiable: ceramic braces are colourless, and they camouflage well in the mouth.

The world cavity-free future day will happen this year in October. The project will offer solutions to several dental problems in the current world. The objective is to improve your smile and overall facial appearance with the items.