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dental veneers are cosmetic dentists

Dental Veneers Are Cosmetic Dentists’ Evergreen Service

Dental veneers have greatly helped enhance your smile and oral appearance. These thin tooth-colored shells are made of porcelain or resin composite materials, enabling them to bond permanently to your teeth. The veneers can be used to treat different oral…


So, Really – Is Dentistry Scientific?

When you are experiencing a toothache or decay, you rush to the dentist. However, dentistry can be very challenging, and a mistake can devastate the client. Taking your time before choosing a dentist to help you out is always essential….

teeth grinding problem

The Bruxism Buzz: Rising Teeth Grinding Cases after Covid

As the pandemic continues to bring disruption, isolation and uncertainties, it has taken a toll on the mental and physical health of most people. According to experts, the fear, stress and emotions that come with these aspects are overworking the…

dental missions

Dental Missions Benefit Dentists More Than Patients

There is nothing nobler than healthcare in this world. Especially when we talk about dental missions, several people depend on these dental mission plans. Every year, several doctors and dentists participate in these dental missions conducted worldwide. Not only patients…

oral hygiene devices

Oral Hygiene Devices Reducing Plaque In Periodontitis Patients

According to a newly published study conducted by Filippo Graziani, Professor of Periodontology at the Unit of Dentistry and Oral Surgery, University of Pisa, Italy, shows that to achieve the highest standard of interdental cleaning, interdental brushes or rubber interdental…

dentures teeth

Do Dentures Affect People’s Attention To Nutrition?

Tooth loss is a common occurrence for senior citizens and the ageing population. Whether you do not have any teeth or got some, dentures can give you an appealing smile. The dental mediums can help with chewing food to help…

FDI world dental federation

The FDI World Dental Federation: Positive Developments in Oral Health

Good health helps the community thrive, but the past two years have been challenging for industry players. The global COVID19 pandemic disrupted access and provision of medical services. But, things are brighter now after going through a tricky and uncertain…

dental marketing

Dental Marketing Mostly Online & At Trade Expos

Businesses are rethinking their business operations to survive in the ever-competitive market. Still, the global covid19 pandemic made enterprises find new ways to adapt or risk losing out to rivals. Businesses are taking advantage of the internet and trade expos…