Dental Implants Done Dirt Cheap? Turkey Teeth Warning

dental implants Turkey teeth

The dental trend referred to as ‘Turkey teeth,’ which involves going abroad to get cheap treatment, is leaving thousands of people with severe complications.

According to some reports, the trend made viral by ITV’s Love Islands Jack Fincham encompasses filing patients’ teeth to pegs and later replacing them with veneers or crowns.

Patients may also get professional dental implant work always like from this Gisborne dentist. And can choose the color, shape, and material of caps.

But UK dental experts have warned that dental implants done cheaply may leave patients with serious dental issues and huge medical bills.

The Multi-Billion Dollar Sector

Turkey has managed to become a mecca for dental implants when it comes to bargain-loving Brits. Testimonies have also propelled its popularity on social media that TikTokers and YouTubers have posted.

‘Little knowledge is very dangerous’ applies to various fields of professionals. And brain surgery, SEO and flying a plane need plenty of experience & training.

More than 2000 dental implants are carried out in Turkey daily, according to dental experts. An estimated 1,500 dental implant experts play their trade in Turkey, and two in ten patients undergoing the treatment are medical tourists from different parts of the country.

Possible Dental Issues

There are speculations that dental implants are severely painful, with experts listing a few complications of the procedure. Some of these complications include:

  • Inflammation and irritation
  • Chewing problem
  • Redness and swelling
  • Severe pain
  • Tissue damage and nerve damage

Risks of Having Dental Implants

Many misguided people commit to a lifetime of expensive, painful, and unnecessary treatments as it has been found that most don’t know what needs to be done when going for the procedure in Turkey.

Among the masses on this quest are thousands of young women and men looking for more views on TikTok and Instagram.

If you want to consider dental implants, chances are you have considered high price tags a couple of times. You have probably even thought of the idea of following the footsteps of popular celebs who are going aboard for treatment. If that sounds like you, you must know a few things, including the risks of getting dental implants.

Dangers of Cheap Turkey Teeth

While it can save you thousands of money at the end of the day, this dream can spiral into a nightmare. Implications are the risks of losing your teeth and, of course, higher costs for remedial in the United Kingdom. So even when you pay less in Turkey, you can end up paying much more in the end.

Another tell-tale sign of cheaper dental implants is the lack of aesthetic details. The best dentistry is an art, and premium implants look natural. Apart from lack of aesthetic detail and cost, other dangers of getting cheap Turkey teeth include:

  • Further damages
  • Strict regulations

Closing Remarks!

If you are planning to have a dental implant in Turkey, it will be best to do due diligence. Remember to as well ask the right questions to determine a few things, such as success rate.