Are There Home Remedies for Gingivitis?

home remedies for gingivitis

Gingivitis is a prevalent dental problem, and as much as it is treatable, there are home remedies that can help during its first stages. Treating the disease in its early stages is crucial before it worsens. However, before you seek gingivitis and periodontal disease treatments, it is vital to take care of your oral health first. You will avoid the problem, and if you are unlucky, taking care of your oral health will enhance the effectiveness of these remedies. Here are effective and safe home remedies for treating gingivitis.

1. Salt Treatment

This is the most effective, cheap, and most-used home remedy for gingivitis. It is a disinfectant that works great in healing the suffering gums from gingivitis inflammation. Salt also helps reduce bacteria, remove bad breath, relieve pain, and remove food particles. You only need a little about of salt and mix in lukewarm water. Swish the solution in the mouth for half a minute and spit. Avoid using salt for a long time to avoid damaging the enamel.

2. Tropical Options

This is a popular home remedy for plaque and gingivitis. You can use it as gel or cream and apply it to the gum. The options include:

Turmeric Gel

Turmeric also can prevent gingivitis and plaque because of its anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antimicrobial qualities. Before applying the turmeric gel:

  1. Brush your teeth thoroughly and apply the gel.
  2. Allow it to sit on the gum for ten minutes, then use water.
  3. Swish and spit.


Cloves have also been shown to prevent plaque, remove bacteria and relieve pain and inflammation caused by gingivitis. Cloves are antioxidants and antiviral. You need minced cloves and damp cotton. Use the cotton to get cloves and apply it to the gum. Wait for a minute, swish water, and spit.

3. Mouthwash

You can also replace the salt remedy with mouthwash. Make sure you don’t swallow it after swishing it in the mouth. You can buy OTC mouthwash, but here are the best homemade remedies for best relief.

Aloe Vera

Home remedies are proliferating on social media. For instance, aloe vera is known to have numerous health benefits, including relieving gingivitis and plaque. You can use it without diluting it because it is naturally pure. However, always ensure you buy from a reputable dealer.

Lemongrass oil

Lemongrass is also effective in relieving gingivitis. Dilute a few drops of lemongrass in water and swish it in the mouth. Spit and repeat the process three times a day. Other mouthwash remedies are:

  • Guava Leaf
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Sage

4. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is also another effective home remedy for relieving gingivitis. It entails swishing it in the mouth for about half a minute to help remove toxins and harmful bacteria and enhance oral health. This remedy has been in use for many years because of its effectiveness. Oil pulling remedies include coconut and arimedadi oil pulling. They help freshen breathe, strengthen the gums, reduce swelling and relieve pain.


These are effective home remedies for gingivitis. It is vital to know if the condition is getting better. If there is no chance of recovering, we recommend seeing your dentist. Gingivitis can cause other serious health issues. So, visit the doctor if the pain persists, your gum keeps bleeding, or you have awfully bad breath.