Oral Health Impacted By The Covid-19 Pandemic

HEALTHOral Health Impacted By The Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has come with devastating effects on the globe. As a way to control its spread, the governments put in place various measures like lockdowns and social distancing. During this time, businesses and other social gathering places would not operate.

Even though least acknowledged, the impact of Covid-19 on dental care has been massive. Follow to understand how much the dental care industry is struggling due to the pandemic.

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The effects of Covid-19 on dental care 

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted dental in various ways. Some of these include;

  • Reduced access to dental facilities 

The closure of businesses has affected dental clinics. Even though most of the health facilities are allowed to operate during the pandemic, the capacity is scaled down. You only have to physically visit the premises in case of an emergency. Given most dental care is not treated as emergency cases, the dental practices have had to scale down. Most of the clinics have also had to cancel appointments.

For the dental clinics that operate, they can only have a specific number of patients at a time for social distancing.

  • Delayed diagnosis 

The other concern that comes with restrictions over the pandemic is the delayed diagnosis of tooth issues. The delayed diagnosis increases the chances of a tooth issue to increase hence worse outcomes. These take more time to heal. It might also mean more intense pain and more resources before the tooth can heal.

The delayed diagnosis is associated with the increase in various dental issues like tooth cancer. When noticed early enough, the cancer is more manageable and less painful.

  • Poor oral practices 

Most people tend to clean their teeth, not for their health but to avoid making others uncomfortable. No one will want to associate with you, with the stinking teeth. However, with the Covi-19 most people are now working remotely.

Instead of having to clean up before heading to work, working from home allows you to work in your pajamas, with unkempt hair and uncleansed teeth. You won’t be making anybody uncomfortable. This explains why dental hygiene like brushing of teeth has dropped by 50% over the pandemic.

  • Costly dental services 

All the above impacts of Covid-19 on dental care all come down to increase dental services costs. Even though operating in a reduced capacity, the dental facilities still have costs to manage. With reduced clients, they have to charge more to ensure proper income streams.

Late diagnosis and having to reschedule appointments are also costly.

Solutions to the Covid19 impacts on oral health 

Once you understand the issues that come with oral health management over the pandemic, the next step is to look for solutions. The first solution is for the government to reconsider its pandemic management measures. Directing the dentists to cater to only emergency services has disadvantaged most people.

The government should also have in place a dental care program for those already disadvantaged like the old and the kids.

The other solution is to seek dental care in a safe way. First, consult your dentists online for possible solutions. However, if this fails to work, you can look for nearby dental clinics to reduce possible exposure when you travel longer to meet a specialist. If you stay around, look for this new dentist in Melton, near Melbourne for your dental solutions over the pandemic.