How Long After Wisdom Tooth Extraction You Can Drink Coffee Again?

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How Long After Wisdom Tooth Extraction You Can Drink Coffee Again? | Visiting the dentist is not at all a favorite thing to do for many. Not just you are leaving with fewer teeth than you went in with but you also need to make changes in the lifestyle and routine in order to deal with the overall process of oral healing. So, now the question comes that after how long of the wisdom tooth extraction you can drink coffee.

Usually, you can drink cold coffee within the next 24 hours of the extraction process, but if it is about hot coffee, you need to hold it for a regular cup of hot coffee. It is because drinking hot coffee or any other beverage sooner after the surgery can dislodge the blood clot and lead to an extremely painful condition. The condition is known as “dry socket”.

It is important to have a better understanding of why wisdom teeth removal is necessary from a reliable dentist. The professional will explain every possible outcomes and safety precautions to follow after you undergo wisdom tooth extraction.

Guidelines for Post- Extraction Drinks

Right after the tooth is extracted, make sure that you are getting adequate fluid in your body. But there are certain limitations for what you can drink, the temperature of the beverage, and most likely how you can drink it. Following the guidelines can prevent dry socket, acute pain and also ensure an extended healing process. Let’s find out the guidelines.

  • Options for Drinks

During the first 24 hours of tooth extraction, you need to be very careful in everything you drink. In most of cases, dentists suggest drinking only water. But you can also have milk. Sip juice and even certain sports drinks. Make sure to avoid carbonated beverages at least for the next 4 four days and no alcohol for the first 24 hours.

  • Best Drinking Methods

The more hot beverages put in, the more you are exposed to the risk of developing a dry socket. The situation gets worse when you use a straw. It is because the use of straw needs sucking motion in the mouth and this can easily eliminate the blood clot with one swift motion. Thus, you must gently sip the drinks till the dentists ask you to use straws.

  • What is Dry Socket Develops?

In case you develop a dry socket, even after following guidelines, you should –

  • Get in touch with the concerned dentist
  • Have over the counter pain medications
  • Monitor the area in case of any changes of infection happens
  • Apply cold ice packs to reduce swelling

How Long to Wait?

If you are still planning for having coffee after the extraction, get the best advice from a dentist located in the heart of a famous cafe district. Usually, you should be good to go within 5 days. The ultimate aim to hold on to coffee is to prevent the formation of dry socket because if it happens, it will cause immense pain and will extend the overall healing process.

Finally – When You Can start Drinking Coffee After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom tooth extractions are quite similar to regular extractions but the difference is that they involve more teeth. Instead of having one particular tooth pulled, you might get all four of your wisdom teeth in one day. This suggests that you are a four-time higher risk of having a dry socket.

You can drink hot coffee within the next 48 hours of the extraction but it is better to lean a mark of five-day as you have more teeth extracted. Still, if you need the morning caffeine on regular basis, you can stick to cold brew coffee in little.