Electric Toothbrush or Manual Toothbrush: Which is better?

Electric Toothbrush

The electric or manual toothbrush

To brush the teeth, it is the basis of prevention and good oral care According to the American Dental Association (ADA), both electric and manual toothbrushes are effective in removing plaque, which can  causes tooth decay and illness. You should be asking your local children’s dentist for their view on toothbrush which is better for you dental cleaning

Electric and manual toothbrushes have their advantages. ADA puts an approval sticker on electric or manual toothbrushes that have proven to be safe and effective.

Benefits of the electric toothbrush

The bristles of an electric toothbrush vibrate or rotate to remove plaque accumulated on your teeth and gums. The vibration allows for more fine movements each time the toothbrush is moved across the tooth.

  • More effective in removing plaque

Research reviews have shown that electric toothbrushes generally reduce plaque and gum inflammation more than manual toothbrushes. After three months of use, the plaque was reduced by 21%, and periodontitis was reduced by 11%. A vibrating (rotating) toothbrush seems to work better than a vibrating toothbrush.

  • Friendly to people with disabilities

Electric toothbrushes do most of the work. These are useful for people with restricted mobility, such as:

  • Carpal tunnel
  • arthritis
  • Developmental disability
  • Built-in timer

The timer built into the electric toothbrush helps you brush for enough time to remove plaque from your teeth and gums.

  • You can reduce waste.

When buying a new toothbrush, you often only need to replace the head of the electric toothbrush, which is less wasteful than throwing away the entire manual toothbrush.

However, if you use a single-use electric toothbrush, it must be completely replaced if necessary.

  • You can improve your concentration while brushing.

At least one study, a reliable source of information, found that people are more focused when brushing their teeth with an electric toothbrush. This may improve people’s overall brushing experience and improve the way they clean their teeth.

  • It enhances the oral health of people with braces.

A study that is a reliable source of information shows that electric toothbrushes are especially useful for those who use braces, such as braces because they make brushing easier.

It is fact that wedding makeup cannot be applied by a machine.

  • Fun for kids

Most of the children are not interested in brushing their teeth. If an electric toothbrush is more attractive to your child, it will help your child achieve good oral cleansing and establish healthy habits.

  • Gum safe

When used correctly, electric toothbrushes will not harm your gums or enamel but promote overall oral health.

Benefits of a manual toothbrush

It doesn’t have the bells and whistles found on many electric toothbrushes, but it’s still an effective tool for cleaning teeth and preventing gum inflammation.

If you are accustomed to using a manual toothbrush, continue to use it if it means brushing twice daily, daily.

  • Accessible

Manual toothbrushes can be found in almost every supermarket, gas station, discount store, or pharmacy. Neither needs to be recharged, so you can use a manual toothbrush anytime, anywhere.

  • Affordable

Manual toothbrushes are cheap. You can usually buy it for $ 1 to $ 3.