Dental Wisdom: Five Pearls From 2020

Dental Wisdom

2020 didn’t turn out to be a productive year as many had anticipated due to the covid 19 pandemic. Everything literary came to a standstill. No one expected such a year, but here we are. The fact that we are still surviving the pandemic indicates that we can successfully handle what we can with the available information and support. To the dentistry industry, many things have changed. The covid 19 pandemic has changed dental practitioners’ lives, but a good thing is they are adapting and learning to navigate through the various challenges threatening their dental practice.

The pandemic was as scary as getting your wisdom teeth pulled, but it has taught everyone a lesson. The best thing is to focus on the good days ahead and learn from the situation. Here are five pearls of wisdom we have learned from dentistry in the year of covid.

Celebrate every small win

Always take time to reflect on your positives and celebrate every small win. Keeping a positive mindset has an impact on your dental team and patients as well. You receive all kinds of patients daily, and you need to make them feel welcome and relaxed during their dental treatments. By sharing your positivity with them, you do an excellent job representing your clinic in how good you treat and care for them. From celebrating after accomplishing a dental procedure to appreciating your team members, always celebrate your wins no matter how small they seem.

Trust in your skills

As a dental practitioner, you continue learning gradually through experience. For now, be patient and trust the process. Be forgiving to yourself and acknowledge that everyone starts from somewhere. Many new dentists often lack confidence in their skills and get nervous about performing dental procedures. These kinds of feelings are usual, but you need to acknowledge that a dental procedure doesn’t define you. Trust in your skills and be kind to yourself.

Encourage a healthy work culture

Positive work culture is essential during these trying times. Managing a dental team is not easy amid a pandemic, but you can always create a healthy work environment. It is about making sacrifices for the sake of the patients. Take the time to educate your staff on the ethical and personal considerations of dentistry so that it will be easier for them to communicate with the patients. As a result of such sensitization, many health workers are finally respecting transgender patients. That the health of the patient is more important than one’s opinions.

Embrace your social life

Know how to balance dentistry and your social life. Although you must be there for the patients, too much work with no rest will drain you emotionally. Having a support system such as family and friends is essential as it reflects how you deal with your patients. It helps you connect more to your patients.

Treat yourself

Always listen to your body, mind, and spirit and fulfill your needs. If something is amiss in your mind or body, you won’t perform your best. Whatever makes you relax, do it from time to time to rejuvenate your body. Be kind to yourself by treating yourself.

The bottom line

Use the challenges you have endured in the year of covid as a stepping stone to a better future in dentistry.