Composite Veneer Prices: How much do they cost around the world

composite veneers

Not everyone is lucky to have a naturally symmetric smile that glows. But thanks to cosmetic dentistry, there is so much you can do to transform your smile and make it a better one. If you want to change their smiles, veneers might be your perfect solution. They are fast and easy to fix and can solve many dental problems. Also, they are quite affordable depending on the material used.

There are various kinds of veneers available, and they also differ in terms of the price of treatment. You are likely to get different quotes of veneers when shopping around and at times by a difference of a hundred dollars per tooth. What is important is to discern the difference and know what you are paying for.

The material the veneers are made of largely determines the cost of treatment. Typically, veneers are made from porcelain or composite resin. Porcelain veneers tend to be expensive, but composite veneers are more affordable while achieving similar cosmetic results. The cost also depends on the dentist you visit and the location. The cost of veneer packages in Melbourne, for instance, will range from $250-1200 per tooth in most cosmetic dental clinics. But let’s first look at the basics.

What are composite veneers?

Many dentists recommend composite veneers to improve your teeth’ shape, size, and color, and even their overall appearance. They are an effective dental treatment for different dental problems like cracked, chipped, and discolored teeth.

The difference between porcelain and composite veneers lies in their preparation. Composite veneers only require little or no tooth drilling; therefore, the treatment can be accomplished in a single visit. The treatment involves applying the composite material to the tooth, after which the dentist sculpts it to the wanted shape and finish. The result largely depends on the dentist’s skill, so it is vital to choose an experienced one. As such, there are also fewer dentists who are skilled in composite veneers’ dental practice as opposed to porcelain veneers.

Although they are cheaper, composite veneers stain more easily and are less long-lasting than their porcelain counterparts. However, that can be remedied by proper polishing and regular dental care. They can last at least two years and even more if you take care of them properly. A good thing about composite veneers is that they are easy and affordable to repair or replace if anything goes wrong. They are also friendlier on your teeth since the dentist less enamel during treatment.

Composite veneers prices

The cost of composite veneers will vary depending on the work that the dentist needs to do on the tooth and how long the treatment will last. But they generally cost between $250-1200 per tooth.

Considering that porcelain veneers can cost as much as $2500 per tooth, composite veneers are an affordable option for many patients. Knowing how to make a dental clinic profitable through such cosmetic procedures is advantageous for a dentist.

The takeaway

It is best to consult your dentist extensively to help you choose the best veneers.