Colin Fassnidge Gets Dental Veneers to Boost His TV Image

You may wonder how celebrities manage to keep their teeth white. The traditional treatments using hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth cannot be so flawless. However, you will find famous people in the showbiz biz with abnormally white teeth. Their secret is using dental veneers to improve the smile and teeth appearance.

Celebrities want to look stunning when they are on the red carpet. In a recent discussion on “I’m a Celebrity” Colin Fassnidge, a judge at kitchen rules show, talks about celebrity image. He admits to feeling the pressure of wanting to change his appearance for TV. The celebrity admits to wearing natural-looking porcelain dental veneers to boost his image on the famous show. They help in repairing and brightening up the teeth instantly. However, it is vital to consult a dentist for consultation before wearing dental veneers.

The Need for Celebrities to Enhance Appearance

There is pressure on celebrities to have the perfect smile. It is evident in the social media management of celebrities and for red carpet appearances. Colin Fassnidge, a restaurateur who was born in Dublin says that he always thought of changing his teeth appearance since he was young. He elaborates that he felt the need to improve how his teeth appear increased after landing a TV role. The main reason is to boost his image to the audience.

Judgments on celebrities are common. It is the reason you will find social media users shaming public figures on their body outlook. In turn, trolling might lead to stress and depression for individuals with low self-esteem. For Colin, he felt the need to boost his confidence by covering the chipped teeth at the front. Instead of opting to remove the teeth, the celebrity admits to using dental veneers as an alternative. The procedure helps protect teeth from further damage and makes the smile look natural.

Reasons for Getting Dental Veneers

Good dental veneers are invisible and should blend well with the surrounding. They should complement the facial appearance of the person using them. There is no need to drill or alter the teeth when you have an experienced dentist. Veneers are similar to regular teeth, but it is essential to take care of them. The procedure is affordable and not only limited to celebrities. Here are some reasons to consider getting dental veneers;

  • To improve the smile by straightening the teeth.
  • For protection from cracked or chipped teeth.
  • It is a fix to discolored teeth.
  • Veneer procedures fix worn out teeth.
  • The procedure improves the bite.
  • It enhances the shape of teeth.


Avoid damaging dental veneers by biting nails or opening bottles with them. They are painless and last for many years.