Children’s Oral Health Deteriorating Due To Covid Focus: Can Dentists Help?

Children’s dental health is a topic of concern for most parents. Many teach their kids about the benefits of regular brushing and flossing, while others pay attention to regular dental visits. However, the Covid 19 pandemic has since affected many sectors of the economy. The health sector hasn’t been spared either.

With the calls to avoid crowded places, many have no option but to keep off public places. Much focus is now shifting to the treatment of Covid19 patients, and most kids are left to bear the pain. Luckily, children’s dentists can help with oral health education, which will go a long way in dental health promotion.

What are the effects of Covid 19 on kid’s dental health?

With the coronavirus pandemic and resections in all parts of the globe, most businesses have since downed their tools. Dental health clinics haven’t been spared either. Although some still offer services, these are coupled with myriad regulations to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

Most clinics only extend emergency dental services, and you can’t walk to the dispensary for minor dental issues. Even thought of how this can affect your kid? We are all aware that kids’ health is very intricate, and what may seem minor may evolve to become a significant health issue.

How can dentists help?

Amidst the focus on Covid 9, there are various things that dentists can do to ensure better oral health for all kids. The first step would be offering online consultation and services. Digitalized dental services allow for prompt check-ups and prescriptions for minor dental health issues. Moreover, dentists can take advantage of the internet to educate kids on better oral care.

Kids love tech devices and spend a chunk of their time online. While there are various ways to discourage excessive use of technology, using children’s social media addiction to get the message across is also a viable option. Social media will convey dental health messages to millions of children from all parts of the globe.

How can I care for your kid’s dental health at home?

Various aspects revolve around children’s dental health. Although regular check-ups are of utmost importance, there are other ways to improve your child’s dental health at home. First of all, teach your kid how to brush and floss well. This alleviates oral germs that may stick on the gums, harboring disease-causing organisms.

Secondly, examine your child’s teeth often. This identifies any health issues that necessitate prompt medical care. Be on the lookout for broken, chipped, or decayed teeth. Moreover, check your child’s diet. Various foods promote better dental health. These include dairy products, protein-rich foods like fish, turkey, lentils, and chicken. What’s more? Fruits and vegetables are also crucial for excellent dental health.


The effects of the Covid 19 pandemic have significantly been felt in the health sector. Dental health clinics have been adversely affected, and kids’ dental health has, to some extent, been neglected. However, there are various things that dentists can do to ensure that children remain in perfect dental health condition.