CEREC Dental Crowns: One Day Is All You Need

cerec dental crowns

CEREC or one-day crowns can be milled in the dentist’s chamber in about two hours. These crowns can help patients bid adieu to prolonged lab work spanning 2 weeks and the awkward impression associated with temporary crowns. The CEREC crowns bank on computer-aided design to render the look and feel of your natural tooth. They offer the perfect fit and also come pretty easy on the pocket. Here’s all you need to know about CEREC crowns:

Procedure Of Getting CEREC Crowns

  • Initially, the dentist prepares your tooth to get the crown. This process is the same as getting traditional crowns.
  • A special camera known as an intraoral camera is used by the dentist to take 3D images of your affected tooth and neighboring teeth. No impression is required here like the traditional crowns. The size of the camera is smaller than the pointy edge of a ball pen and is an eco-friendly choice as the same camera is used multiple times by the dentist on various patients.
  • The dentist shall now design a digital 3D image of your crown and tooth with precise measurements. The design can also be edited for ridges, indentations, fissures, and pits to ensure a perfect fit.
  • After getting the final design ready, a replica of the design is carved by a milling machine to curate the crown from a single ceramic block within a few minutes.
  • Post milling, the crown is glued to the patient’s tooth by the dentist.

Comparison With Traditional Crowns

  • The dentist uses a putty-like material for taking an impression of your teeth in the case of traditional crowns. A camera is used in this step for CEREC crowns making it a faster, affordable, and environment-friendly solution.
  • The impression of a patient’s tooth is sent to the lab by the dentist for preparing a customized crown. This entire process requires about a week and you will have to make another appointment to get the crown fixed. CEREC crowns, on the other hand, are manufactured at the dentist’s office bringing down the waiting time to just an hour.
  • Dentists use a temporary crown over your teeth until the permanent one is ready. The temporary one is crafted using resin and doesn’t ensure a proper fit or feel comfortable. Patients are required to adhere to strict diet restrictions as the crown might fall off otherwise. Same-day crowns do not call for any temporary crown, making them a completely hassle-free procedure.

Advantages Of CEREC Dental Crowns

  • You can get CEREC dental crowns done in a single sitting without the requirement of multiple appointments. This makes it a time-saving solution to your dental woes.
  • Missing teeth can impair our smile, speech, and eating patterns. All these functions are restored on the same day with the CEREC dental crowns.
  • Temporary crowns are extremely vulnerable to decay on getting dislodged. This problem can be catered to by the same-day crowns.
  • The CEREC dental crowns require less drilling making them a more tooth-friendly option.
  • Patients are usually offered temporary crowns by the dentist until the permanent one becomes ready. However, temporary crowns do not always offer the desired fit and tend to fall out in worst cases. Such problems can be eliminated from the core by same-day crowns which are fitted immediately.
  • The metal-free nature of CEREC crowns makes them the perfect choice for patients who are allergic to metals.


While CEREC dental crown is gaining massive popularity among both dentists and patients as a full-proof cure, in this fast-paced world of digital communications dental houses are also banking on such groundbreaking tactics to spread the word and access a larger share of patients.