Ceramic Braces Still in Vogue Despite Clear Aligners’ Popularity

Ceramic Braces

One of the things that can help boost one’s confidence is teeth alignment. Invisalign and traditional orthodontic services such as ceramics include various techniques in orthodontic treatments.

Dental professionals will use these treatments to straighten their patient’s teeth to promote proper function and ideal position and improve the overall look. While braces utilize small and clear arch wires, Invisalign utilizes a set of clear plastic trays. Nevertheless, both work to achieve the same goal of proper teeth alignment. Orthodontic dental treatments utilizing Invisalign or braces will also straighten your teeth and correct bite problems.

Why You Should Choose Ceramic Braces

Braces Work Faster Compared to Invisalign

Although Invisalign may be preferred by some patients following their invisibility, it might be less effective than ceramic braces. Ceramic braces will be required to stay on your teeth the entire time, thus constantly improving your teeth’s state. On the other hand, Invisalign is worn for about 20-22 hours per day, and one can remove them when one wishes. However, this frequent removal makes them less effective in correcting your bite or alignment issue. Also, the Invisalign can be forgotten or lost.

Braces can Be Color Customized.

If you decide to correct your teeth issues using braces, you can select the color that fits you best. The bands between the brackets can be customized to your color of choice. This increases individuality, flair, and personal style, ensuring you remain unique.

Ceramic Braces Are More Discreet

Although ceramic braces’ shape resembles that of traditional metal braces, they are clear, small, and nearly invisible. The bracket’s reduced visibility provides a discrete alternative that is even more attractive to more potential patients. Besides, they tend to look beautiful in photos and in person.


Ceramic braces have evolved, introducing better and more attractive designs. Also, the current application process has evolved, allowing maximum durability of these braces. Also, the braces comprise an easy removal process once the treatment is over.

The enamel protects your teeth against decay or other teeth infections. Even though the enamel is the hardest part of your body, some b found in food like acids can soften its surface, thus compromising its defense capability. Are you afraid that the bonding material in attaching the braces could affect your enamel? The good news is that technological advancements have allowed the bonding material to remain safe and very gentle on your teeth. Therefore, you will be guaranteed that demineralization of the enamel and color changes cannot occur on your teeth.

While the aligners industry is too focused on marketing the trendy stuff, ceramic braces still remain effective and efficient. It is advisable to use ceramic braces if all your adult teeth have grown fully. This guarantee reduces the chances of brackets breaking caused by tooth movement strains. Again, it will hasten the patient’s bite and teeth correction. If you want your braces to be subtle, ceramic braces are your ideal choice as they are less noticeable. Note that ceramic braces do not interrupt imaging tests.