Can You Reverse Tooth Decay And Avoid A Cavity?

tooth decay and cavity

According to a study, almost 92% of adults aged 20 to 64 have issues with their teeth. It also suggests people from higher economic classes tend to suffer more from cavities than others. This figure shows how bigger a problem is this in the current scenario. In this post, we will talk about how a cavity develops in our mouth and what we can do to reverse the decay or cure it.

A dental cavity is not something that happens in a day. It is a long process happening over days, in fact, years.

What Is Tooth Decay Or Cavity?

A cavity or tooth decay starts with a small hole or scratch on our teeth. The whole day we eat a lot of things containing acids and bacteria. These bacteria and acids, coming out of especially sugar molecules, cause damage to our teeth and gum. Over time, the rate of decay increases, creating a bigger hole in your enamel called Cavity.

What Goes Inside Our Mouths?

Throughout the day, a tug of war takes place inside our mouth, between bacteria and acids on one side and saliva and fluoride on the other. No matter what we consume the whole day, it contains sugar and bacteria. We can limit the intake of sugar but going down to zero is not practically possible. These bacteria and acids from the sugar are the main reason behind every oral problem.

On the other hand, saliva is naturally resistant to Cavity and decays along with the fluoride present in toothpaste. Thus, our teeth go through the process of mineral loss and gaining at the same time.

How To Deal With Cavity?

  • Use Toothpaste With Fluoride

We have already said that saliva and fluoride are two major elements that help our teeth repair themselves. Make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride. Remember, fluoride is a tricky element. Excessive intake of fluoride can cause further problems. Popular toothpaste has the right balance of fluoride along with other necessary minerals. Choose your paste wisely.

  • Make Sure To Brush Twice Every Day

There is a saying; men love DIY health or DNAAD (Do Nothing At All Dentally). It is true for men and women both. Forming a habit of brushing our teeth twice every day is the only true long-term solution. If you have children, start to create this habit in them from an early age. It will benefit them immensely.

  • Consult A Dentist If Needed

If the condition of your teeth is already quite bad, don’t delay consulting an experienced dentist. Your dentist is the right person to judge the condition of your teeth. After examination, he will decide the next course of action best for you. Filing a cavity is quite common. In fact, filling a cavity is very dental-patient-friendly nowadays.

  • Intake Vitamin D

According to dentists, vitamin D is very helpful in curing cavities and tooth damage. Most food items related to milk have a fair amount of vitamin D in them. Our teeth can absorb calcium and phosphate from that food which is instrumental in reversing tooth cavity and avoiding Cavity.

Remember that if you are suffering from tooth decay or Cavity, there are ways to stop the decay and avoid further damage. Hope through the following write-up; you have learnt more about teeth cavities and some precautions to avoid decaying.  Please feel free to share your insights on the discussion below in the comment section.