The Seven Stages of Dental Pain; Stepping Beyond

dental pain

A smile is the one thing that boosts self-confidence in a significant way. Being able to express your happiness and enjoy a beautiful moment is the one thing you can sacrifice all that you can to achieve.

But sometimes, achieving that glowing smile can be difficult, especially when you start walking down the path of experiencing dental pains. And dental anxiety is an expectation of future pain.

That is when it hits you hard that having a local dentist like in the village of Wilston is the best chance to put those future pains at bay. Dental pains occur in stages as follows;

Stages of Dental Pains

For you to experience dental pain, it has to be caused by one factor or the other. It can be caused by tooth decay, gum infection, injury, or projected pain from an aching organ like an ear or jaw disease. Your tooth will experience different dental pain levels depending on what exactly is causing it to ache in the first place. Below is an illustration of the stages of the dental pains you might come along with.

  1.     Minor Sensitivity

Sensitivity is a sought of pain that is mostly associated with hot and cold. Your tooth might find it hard to tolerate hot and cold temperatures, resulting in minor pains for a short period. This is the case of worn-down enamel, and the pain does not last long. Using good toothpaste for sensitive teeth and avoiding too hot or too cold foods assures your freedom from minor sensitivity.

  1.     Severe Sensitivity

Gum disease, worn fillings, tooth decay, fractures, and exposed roots are the key causes of intense sensitivity in your teeth. At this point, your sensitivity requires you to book an appointment with your dentist, who will address the matter since it is beyond staying away from hot and cold and good toothpaste.

  1.     Dull Pain

It is the most common type of dental pain. It can even be simply caused by stuck food in your tooth. Once removed, the pain gradually goes away

  1.     Persistent Ache

Persistent dull pain is experienced when something is stuck in your gums. Something lodged between your teeth. In such a situation, the tooth will ache for a longer time than dull pains. But the pain will go away once you remove what is stuck in your tooth.

  1.     Sharp Pain

This is mainly caused by a loose filling or a crown that has fallen off decay or cavity. A cracked enamel can also contribute significantly to sharp pain.

  1.     Severe Pain

Severe pain in your tooth is very unbearable and requires experts’ opinion on whether to visit the emergency care at that time or later. If the expert finds it unnecessary to visit emergency care, you will be provided with guidance on dealing with the pain until the next appointment with the dentist.

  1.     Throbbing Pains

A throbbing pain is excruciating and is frustrating to deal with. You may feel like you have multiple teeth, or the whole jaw is aching.

Finally, the thought of you visiting the dentist is scary. Well, you are not alone. Many opt for self-diagnosing. This results in misdiagnosis due to not addressing the root problem. As a result, this increases the probability of having dental pains in the future. Be bold. Consult the expert. Get that smile. Improve self-esteem.